Being English in Sweden

Like a spider at the center of its web we can provide diverse projects with a network of contacts stretching out into many different industries. If you’re an oversees company establishing yourself in Sweden we are there to help with your introduction. From everyday problem solving to arrangements for large scale events in attractive locations. We’ll make sure you experience the real taste of your new country. We own an impressive showroom right in the middle of Gothenburg’s town center that’s perfect for hosting exhibitions and events.[/twocol_one_first][twocol_one_last]

Being Swedish in England

We’ll help you avoid the long search for the best in London. We can oversee the bigger picture with regards to customer & management meetings, conferences & launches. All the small meetings right through to the large events. We’ll book the best restaurants, hotels, venues and activities in your area. With our network in London’s event business you will have access to all the places that have the wow factor.